Prayers and Prayer Requests

For the week ending August 25 we are praying for…

For friends of the parish: Jerry & Margie; Betty; Edith; Ann; Leo; Simon, Charles, Erika, Malcolm, and Phoebe; Bob and Nina; Charlotte; Donna, John, Caroline and Victoria; Diane; Dolores; Casey; Kathleen; Anne; Bud; Lou and Carol; Carl, Jr.; Kristen Elizabeth; Randy; Erwin; Eric; Fran; Chris; Lindsay; Robin; Sarah; Cathy; Susan; Michael; Amy; Yevette; Scott and Tim; Lisa and Harriet; Elaine’s family; Charlotte; Susanne Newton; Bill; Marjory; Wayne Rone.

For members of the parish: Bill Pfischner; The Reverend Julie Clarkson; Don Philemon; Mildred Campbell; Norma Carroll; Mary Griffin; Bobby Ferguson; Rob Carpenter; Tom Ruff; Mary Anna Turner; Clara Dodd; Kristine Wade; Marion Byrnes; Lorrell Meloy; Becky Carney; Callina Satterfield; Jane Neal Bobbitt; Dick Markel; Marie Robertson; Dan Goodwin; Lynn Griffin; Carol Bartos; Isabella Bocanegra and family; Keith Duke; Ann Stigall; Carmen Elijah; Terry Prince; Tina Coelho; Michael Wright; Anne Chapin; Lydia Gittens; Gil Graves; Freida Brigman Wynne; Steve Thomas; Perry Mixter; Lynn; Elizabeth Murphy; Mary Margaret Myers and Bill Bryan; Betty Payne; Ray McNeely; Lauren and David Burn; Trissy and Henry Lomax; Michael Spivey; Jo Cooley and family; Bob Beardsley and Frank Steele; Whitney Wade; Jeanette Arndt; Gloria Cooper; Bill Hinson; Edith Johnson; John Williams and Kevin Fitzgerald; the Pechar family.

In memory of those who have died: Walter “Skip” Daniel; All who have died under situations of violence.

In the St. Peter’s Cycle of Prayer we remember each parish household in prayer daily during the coming week: James, Jill, and Grace Owens; Jim Padgett; Debra Park; John and William Parker; Anna, Douglas, Rowena, and Andrew Parr; Denise Parrott; Barbara and Kari Partington; Michael Pawlyk and Elizabeth Richardson; Betty Payne; Margie, Maisie, and Theo Pearson.

Prayer Requests. To submit a prayer request for the Prayer List, you may complete the “Prayer Request” card in the pew rack, contact Ministry Associate, Kristie Lauderbaugh using our Contact Form, or start a Prayer Request right now. Names of persons, who have given consent for names to be printed, will be listed for two weeks, unless a longer period is requested. Intercessions are offered during Sunday and weekday worship, and daily by the Clergy and Pastoral Care Team.