For the week ending May 26 we are praying for…

For friends of the parish: Jerry & Margie; Betty; Edith; Ann; Leo; Simon, Charles, Erika, Malcolm, and Phoebe; Bob and Nina; Cherritta; Charlotte; Donna, John, Caroline and Victoria; Diane; Dolores; Casey; Kathleen; Anne; Bud; Lou and Carol; Carl, Jr.; Kristen Elizabeth; Randy; Melissa and Keith; Erwin; Eric; Fran; Chris; Lindsay; Jennifer; Robin; Sarah; Emily; Cathy; the Briggs De La Fuente family; Rennae; Jacqui; James; Aidan; Logan; Travis; Susan Audino.

For members of the parish: Bill Pfischner; The Reverend Julie Clarkson; Don Philemon; Jeane Falkenbury; Mildred Campbell; Norma Carroll; Mary Griffin; Bobby Ferguson; Rob Carpenter; Tom Ruff; Mary Anna Turner; Clara Dodd; Kristine Wade; Marion Byrnes; Bill Hinson; Lorrell Meloy; Becky Carney; Callina Satterfield; Jane Neal Bobbitt; Dick Markel; Marie Robertson; Dan Goodwin; Lynn Griffin; Carol Bartos; Isabella Bocanegra and family; Keith Duke; Carmen Elijah; Terry Prince; Tina Coelho; Bob Beardsley; Michael Wright; Anne Chapin and family; Lydia Gittens; Gil Graves; Freida Brigman Wynne; Steve Thomas; Perry Mixter; Lynn; Elizabeth Murphy; Mary Margaret Myers; Betty Payne; Frank Steele; Laurie Burlington;  Ray McNeely; Paula Savich and family; Lauren and David Burn; Trissy and Henry Lomax; Irma Hoffman; Jean Falkenbury.

In thanksgiving for those preparing for marriage on June 1: Logan Ardrey and Wylie Mendicino.

In thanksgiving for those preparing for baptism on Pentecost Sunday, June 9: Walter James Hoke.

In memory of those who have died: Barbara Hicks Lee; Jonathan De La Fuente; Wayne Cobb; all who have died under situations of violence.

In the St. Peter’s Cycle of Prayer we remember each parish household in prayer daily during the coming week: Edith Johnson; J. Michael and Judith Johnson; Jason, Carrie, Jaden, Emory and Ethan Johnson; Sheena Johnson; Stephanie Johnson; Hewitt and Cynthia Johnston; The Reverend Sally V. Johnston and Harold Newfield; Chris and Sarah Reidy Jones; Greg, Jennifer, Kelsey and Austin Jones.

Prayer Requests. To submit a prayer request for the Prayer List, you may complete the “Prayer Request” card in the pew rack, visit “Community Life/Make a Prayer Request,” or contact Ministry Associate, Kristie Lauderbaugh using our Contact Form. Names of persons, who have given consent for names to be printed, will be listed for two weeks, unless a longer period is requested. Intercessions are offered during Sunday and weekday worship, and daily by the Clergy and Pastoral Care Team.