This Week’s News

This Sunday: Parish Talk and Tour at 12:30 p.m. and Choral Evensong at 5:00 p.m. Also in the news, more information about strategic planning and St. Peter’s and and update on the 2019 Annual Fund campaign.

How much is is possible to give?

Our history has been one of boldness. Our congregation is a bold vision of the world we want to see, rather than the one that we see too often. And now, we need to make a pledge to support out present and our future, which is as hard for us to imagine now as our present appearance would be difficult for our forbears.

This Week’s News

This Sunday: The first service of Choral Evensong of the Season (5:00 p.m.) and the Annual Fund Gala (6:00) p.m. Plus all the news from the St. Peter’s community.

This Week’s News

On Sunday, the young adults are planning a group outing to the Greek Festival in Dilworth. Also on Sunday, Center City Concerts opens the season with a performance including St. Peter’s organists, Elizabeth Lenti and Garrett Law. Save the date for the Annual Fund gala celebration on September 23.

Finding True Peace

I know what fear can do in my own life. And I see all around me a world where fear limits understanding. Good news is never as compelling as bad news; if it “bleeds it leads.”

“A season and a time…”

All around us are signs of summer ending and fall on its way: back-to-school sales and football schedules, a slower commute, a longing for sweater weather. And here at St. Peter’s, as in many churches, we kick-off fall with our return to the regular rhythm of formation classes, choir rehearsals, and Holy Chow.

This Week’s News

The St. Peter’s Fall season begins this Sunday, August 26. Learn more about the plans and look ahead for how you might join in our community’s activities.