“How Long, O Lord?” Psalm 13:1

“How long?” is the most frequently asked question of God in the Psalter. In the last week alone, I can think of over a dozen pastoral encounters where the underlying question asked of God is “How long?”

The Importance of Prayer

“When we pray we must hold fast and believe that God has heard our prayer. It was for this reason that the ancients defined prayer as an Ascensus mentis ad Deum, ‘a climbing up of the heart unto God.’ ” — Martin Luther
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Being the Church

The Day of Pentecost (June 8) launched us into “summertime” mode with a mind-blowing reminder: the gift of the Spirit, imparted to the people of God long ago, was that which gave birth to God’s Church. Read the Rector’s Blog.

New Beginnings

The annual season in life at St. Peter’s to celebrate the gift of academic and spiritual learning opportunities and the fiery birth of God’s Church (Acts 2:1-21) is upon us. Many have already gathered with classmates, colleagues and supporters for commencement ceremonies, while others anticipate the same occasions. On Sunday, June 8 (The Day of …

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The Good Life

“We find the Good Life at the intersection of love and peace.” Father Ollie opened and closed his sermon last Sunday with this metropolitan image. Love requires a subject and object to be meaningful. Peace, too, is a deeply relational quality. I might feel peaceful when I am by myself, but the test of the …

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Opening Doors Within

Imagine if we were able to open doors within. Read this week’s post by the Rector, The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher.

“Awe Came Upon Everyone”

Faith comes most authentically, I think, when it is rooted in a primal experience of awe. Read this week’s post by Associate Rector, The Reverend Joslyn Ogden Schaefer.