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Virtual HUGS Camp 2020

I joined the HUGS staff in 2015, mostly to understand the love and transformative experiences our youth describe. I found HUGS Camp to be God’s Kingdom on earth, where one can experience the world as God intends it to be.

The Good Shepherd is on the Move

As I examine this new gap in my life and think about my response to it, the atrium once again whispers an answer: The Good Shepherd knows his sheep by name, and He leads them out. (John 10:3)

I am Sorry and I Love You

And with this my fellow Christians, I also invite you to join me and raise your voices in prayer for the conversion of their hearts. Pray for an end to racism and that every institution that still peddles it, stops it. To get more involved join the Social Justice team at St. Peter’s, or attend one of our events to learn more on ways to act.

COVID-19 Updates

Over time we’ll collect all of the updates about how the COVID-19 pandemic affects us at St. Peter’s.