The Vision of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is to become:

  • a community of bold followers of Jesus
  • a crowd that effects good change for the world
  • a place known for radical love and welcome
  • a beacon of hope in Center City Charlotte

The Rector and Vestry began important conversations at the January 2013 Vestry Retreat about the potential future of St. Peter’s and countless, creative opportunities to continue ministries begun with the establishment of the church in 1834.  During his sermon on September 8, 2013, the Rector (The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher) offered that “in a world that often seems bleak and without a light at the end of the tunnel, in a society that struggles daily with what it means to respect the dignity of every human being, amid the trials and tribulations that have, are or will impact our lives and our households, and even as we may have countless questions about God and matters of faith, it is my prayer that St. Peter’s will become the sanctuary from which we navigate life.”  Rencher continued by saying, “Our vision seeks to help us with this navigation.  May we always remember that with such vision there is a cost and that we were not created by God to journey alone.  We were created to journey with the community of our church family.  All are welcome to share in and give to this vision as we embrace our values.”

Our Values are embraced as we strive to fulfill our Vision.

  • Worship – Offer broad opportunities
  • Formation – Nurture spiritual journeys
  • Fellowship – Create opportunities for all to deepen relationships
  • Service – Care for souls within and beyond our church
  • Stewardship – Give time, talents and money
  • Community – Foster relationships throughout the city
  • Growth – Invite others to co-create the kingdom of God with us
  • Communication – Employ old and new ways to communicate
  • Staff – Develop a talented team of volunteer and paid staff

This Vision and its associated Values are foundational to our common life at St. Peter’s.