Vestry Nominations for 2018-2020 Term Now Open and Due Sunday, October 29.

The Vestry is St. Peter’s lay leadership team of twelve people who work with the Clergy and Staff to lead the parish in matters spiritual and financial by 1) helping to discern the vision toward which God is drawing that parish; 2) articulating and communicating that vision; 3) working with the congregation to realize that vision; and 4) keeping the mission of the Church and of the congregation clearly before the parish community.  Nominations for four open Vestry positions will be received through Sunday, October 29 and must be followed by a Nominee Information Form to be submitted by the Nominee no later than Noon on Friday, November 3. Both the Nomination Form and Nominee Information Form should be directed to the Vestry Nominating Committee via the online form or hand-delivery to the Rector.  All forms related to this process are available online ( under Start Here/About/Lay Leadership). 

Read carefully through the qualifications and responsibilities below. The Vestry election will take place at the Annual Meeting of the Parish on Sunday, December 10 at 9:30 a.m. in Parish Hall. The required Annual Vestry Retreat and New Vestry Orientation will take place in January; retreat date and details will be announced no later than November 13.

Each Vestry Nominee is required to 1) be confirmed or received in The Episcopal Church and a member of St. Peter’s for at least one year; 2) attend St. Peter’s worship services, programs and events on a regular basis for at least one year prior to the nomination process; 3) be at least 16 years of age; 4) have made and maintained a financial pledge to St. Peter’s, known to the Treasurer, in the year preceding election process.  No former Vestry member shall be eligible to begin a new term until two (2) years have elapsed since the conclusion of the previous term. (Nominating Committee will verify these qualifications, so there is no need for the nominator to verify details.)

Vestry member requirements throughout the three-year term: 1) agree to a three-year term; 2) be a faithful and visible presence to and leader among the congregation through active participation in regular if not weekly worship and in such areas as formation classes, fellowship offerings before or after worship, seasonal all-parish fellowship events, and outreach and social justice initiatives; 3) pledge to the annual fund and share in efforts to request the same of all members; 4) communicate and plan proactively with the staff person responsible for the ministry area to which she or he has been assigned the role of “coordinator”; 5) provide a monthly ministry area report to the Rector and Vestry for the purpose of deepening awareness about ministry activities and indicate any needs for said ministry area to improve its charge; and 6) understand and work within the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church and the Diocese of North Carolina.

Nomination Form (Complete to send information to Nominating Committee by Sunday, October 29 and remind Nominee that Nominee Information Form is due by Noon on Friday, November 3.)