St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
115 West Seventh Street
Charlotte, N.C. 28202 704-332-7746

2016 Annual Fund Team
Mike Wilson, Chairman
Bobby Beaird
Kristin Hills Bradberry
Donna Budall
John Budall
Sue Coonen
Mary Gotschall
Josephine Hicks
John Hurst
Zack Luszcz
Jay Norton
Linda Raiford
Kristine Reid
Bill Williamson
Sam Bowles, Vestry Coordinator
Mark Boyd, Senior Warden
Dave Lavoie, Junior Warden
The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher, Rector

July 14, 2016

Dear Members, Newcomers, and Friends of St. Peter’s Church:

On behalf of the 2016 Annual Fund Team, I express gratitude for what our parish family has accomplished so far in raising the funds necessary to support life at St. Peter’s for the current fiscal year. Plans already are well underway for the 2017 Annual Fund campaign, including the development of the team to assist 2017 Annual Fund Co-Chairman Jay Norton and me. We are working with this year’s Vestry Coordinator for Stewardship Candace Armstrong and will contact you this fall about 2017 giving. Please let Jay or me know if you would like to participate on the 2017 Annual Fund Team.

As of June 30, the current year’s fund has received pledges of $847,452 toward the $950,000 goal announced in September at the 2016 campaign launch. In January, based on $836,512 received in pledges at that time, the Vestry adopted a balanced budget, but had to make important expense adjustments in our program, personnel, and operations areas to ensure we work within our means.

We appreciate pledges made by 294 of our 475 member households. Now, we hope many who have not pledged yet will do so soon to empower us to do more in the remaining half of this year. You can still pledge for 2016 either online or by pledge card. If you have questions, please contact Parish Administrator Leigh Dixon (704-749-6142, For an update on our overall financial welfare, a July 14th letter from the Treasurer and other related information are available online or for pickup in the lobby of the Parish House.

In 2012, when my wife Aimee and I made St. Peter’s our new spiritual home, we did not know it would become the thriving place it has become, nor did we know how important St. Peter’s would become to us. I suspect each person reading this letter is connected to or has been touched by St. Peter’s in significant, positive ways, possibly in some unexpected ways. This volunteer ministry role has given me the opportunity to observe many of the things that make St. Peter’s such a great place – and the financial reality of the costs necessary for us to operate. As our entire parish family prayerfully gives from places of gratitude, abundance and generosity, understanding that every pledge matters, things will only get better at St. Peter’s. Together, we will be able to do even more as a “beacon of hope in Center City Charlotte.”

I remain grateful for the ministries of my fellow 2016 Annual Fund Team members and look forward to the future of generous abundance at St. Peter’s.

Mike Wilson, 2016 Annual Fund Chairman
Phone: 704-562-2998