Grant Process.  The St. Peter’s Outreach Commission will accept grant applications from July 11, 2012 through August 15, 2012.  To apply for a grant, complete an application.  Award decisions are announced in December.

Award Criteria.  The St. Peter’s Outreach Commission takes its responsibility to give back to the community very seriously. The process used in considering grant requests is based on both data and prayer. Factors considered include:

  • Priority of Needs.  In determining priority of needs the Commission looks at both the severity of the need and its connection to St. Peter’s mission as an urban church.  We assess the severity based on data regarding health and human services needs in our community, including data provided by Mecklenburg County and United Way of Central Carolinas.  We assess the connection to St. Peter’s mission through prayer and deliberation.  Based on the above and a 2011 parish survey, the Outreach Commission has identified the following four priorities:
    1. Emergency food and shelter
    2. Safe, affordable permanent housing
    3. Mental health services
    4. Children’s education and welfare
  • St. Peter’s Involvement.  In our 2011 parish Outreach survey, 87 percent of respondents said that priority should be given to agencies where St. Peter’s members are active volunteers. This is a key consideration in grant award decisions.
  • St. Peter’s History. St. Peter’s has a rich history as an incubator for startup agencies, as parishioners have identified needs in the community and built organizations to meet them. St. Peter’s carries on the tradition by continuing to support these agencies.
  • Effective Use of Resources.  The Commission considers how effectively an organization uses its resources, including how well it accomplishes its mission, and whether it has successful outcomes.
  • Other Funding Sources. In assessing need, the Commission looks at the agency’s other funding sources (endowment, United Way funding, government funding, etc.)
  • Impact.  The Commission attempts to concentrate dollars for maximum impact vs. dilution over multiple agencies.
  • Balance of crisis relief vs. crisis prevention.  While striving to focus on crisis prevention, the Commission recognizes the strong need for and ministry opportunities inherent in crisis relief.