Being Mindful of our Space

While reflecting on the health and well-being of the building and grounds of St. Peter’s, we should be conscious that this place is not only a religious space, but also a social and cultural landmark.

Reflections on MLK Weekend Events

We walked with 2000+ Charlotteans from 100 organizations to remind ourselves and others that our work to eliminate systemic injustice is more important than ever.

A Challenge to Capture and Cultivate Growth

As the New Year dawns and as each of us reflect on resolutions and opportunities for 2018, I hope you will consider how you might give of your time, your talent, and your treasure to support this vibrant corner of God’s Kingdom. Christ has no body now on earth, but yours.

With thanks, embrace another year of grace

Together we work daily for the kingdom and dream of God.

Christmas: Keep It Moving and Growing

“Day by day you become more and more infilled and infused with the Christ consciousness.” From “Opening Doors WIthin” by Eileen Caddy.

A Christmas Message from The Rector

I believe that we shall be changed through faithful commitments to engage and support life at St. Peter’s.