Thank you for your interest in the Choir Provisions fundraiser for the St. Alban’s residency in August 2017. Check back soon for more offerings.

The St. Peter’s Choir makes glorious music throughout the year for St. Peter’s Parish. What you may not know is that we are also very fine cooks! You may purchase some of our specialties for your holiday celebrations. And, you can support our upcoming Continuing Education Pilgrimage to England.

The St. Peter’s Choir has been invited to be resident choir at St. Alban’s Cathedral, England. This means that they will prepare and lead the daily services in this historic and important place while the Cathedral Choir is on their summer break. To do this, there is a vast amount of music to practice, some experience to gain singing the daily service and a ton of money to raise.

St. Peter’s Choir Provisions is part of our fundraising efforts. Your contribution will benefit the growth of musical excellence in worship that has been a hallmark of St. Peter’s Church for years.