For the week ending May 28 we are praying for…

For friends of the parish: Keegan and Avery; Debra and Belton; Elsa; Deanne; Steve; Nancy; Andrew; Sue; Paige; Jane; Satyen; Sister Carolyn; Maja; Tricia; Ethan and Gretchen; Penny; Dana; Eric; Nancy; Nancy; Stephen; Ron; Austin; Tevis; Rebecca and Peter; Robin; Dave and Sandra; Helen; Marshal; Max and Jen; Nancy.

For members of the parish: Jeane Falkenbury, Edith Pearson, Ann and Bill Hinson, Don Philemon, Tom, Lynn, Delores, Barbara, Bill, Rob, Callina Satterfield, Gina and Jeffrey, Bobby Ferguson, Mildred Campbell, Kristine Wade, Jack Cozean, Jane Neal Bobbitt, Charles Ford, Richard Pierce, Andy, Jim Bartos, Kevin Beyer, Davis, Janice and Gil Graves, Bob Beardsley, Ray, Julie, Norma Carroll, Lynn Griffin, Will Hinson, Mary Williams, Bill Pfischner, Lindie Wilson, Carolyn Carlburg, Ann-Victoria Waters, Toni Moore, Sue Martin, Bob Jackson.

The St. Peter’s Cycle of Prayer: Justine and David Tobin; Sarah, Jim, James, and John Tringas; Davis Trotter; Mary Anna Turner; Choquette, Andrew, and Hannah Uglehus.

To submit a prayer request, you may complete the “Prayer Request” card available in the pew rack, use the online “Prayer Request” form under “Worship and Music” at, or contact the Rector, the Reverend Ollie V. Rencher (, 704-749-6140). In addition to prayers offered throughout the week by the Clergy, weekday Morning Prayer Officiants, and Lay Pastoral Care Ministers, individuals will be listed by first name only in the service leaflet for two weeks unless a longer period is requested; persons for whom prayers have been requested must give consent for their names to be printed.