St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Parish Vision Goals and Objectives adopted by The Vestry
March 24, 2015 – Communication to The Parish Family

The following is the outcome of work undertaken by the Vestry, Associate Rector, and Rector, since the 2015 Vestry Retreat (January 30-31). The goals and objectives are a prioritization of how the parish family might respond to the four (4) points of the Parish Vision, which was adopted in 2013 and has become a central and exciting aspect of life at St. Peter’s. Monthly Vestry Meeting includes attention to and progress reports on each vision point. Updates will be made to the parish family on a regular basis.

a community of bold followers of Jesus

  1. Clergy write pastoral letter to the parish regarding the vision and participation in it
  2. Develop formation programs to define meaning of “bold followers” and “community”
  3. Increase initiatives to reflect on the person of Jesus through sermons, formation, etc.

a crowd that effects good change for the world

  1. Offer servant leadership development weekend to recruit, equip, and empower parishioners to employ gifts and talents to further the ministry and vision of St. Peter’s
  2. Offer monthly opportunity to discuss current events and consider how the parish might respond within and beyond St. Peter’s (aka “justice talks” like St. Peter’s Philadelphia)
  3. Deepen commitments to outreach and social justice ministry work and organization (servant ministries coordinator to start in 1st quarter 2015)

a place known for radical love and welcome

  1. Develop and train Welcome Hosts, Ushers, and Vestry-on-duty roles to improve overall experience for all who come and go from St. Peter’s for worship and programs
  2. Make parking challenges and experience more hospitable for newcomers and members through improved communications and way-finding signage
  3. Investigate additional liturgy or enhance Sunday 8:00 a.m. to provide worshippers with more morning options based on consistently overcrowded Sunday 10:45 a.m.

a beacon of hope in Center City Charlotte

  1. Increase relationships with North Tryon Street area businesses, development, and neighbors including the chronically homeless and efforts to end chronic homelessness
  2. Continue work on racial reconciliation including offerings, such as St. Peter’s “God’s Tapestry: A Lenten Reconciliation Weekend” which occurred on March 6 – 8, 2015
  3. Improve branding/marketing of the parish throughout the community (evangelism)

2015 Ministry Areas with Vestry Coordinators
Administration/Communications: Mark Boyd, Senior Warden
Property/Finance: Dave Lavoie, Junior Warden and Treasurer
Pastoral Care: Irma Hoffman, Secretary
Congregational Development: Nelda Leon, Kristine Reid;
Fellowship: Sam Gardner, Candace Armstrong; Formation: Amy Dillon King;
Outreach & Social Justice: Des Keller, Nelda Leon; Stewardship: Sam Bowles, The Wardens;
Worship & The Arts: Abigail Cudabac, Paul Keller