The Evensong Choir at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church exists to lead a series of traditional Evensong services and to provide an opportunity for highly skilled and responsible musicians to participate in the Anglican tradition of Evensong with a high standard of performance and a minimum of rehearsal time.

Participants receive music for upcoming services at least two weeks in advance. It is then their responsibility to learn the music. On the day of the service, usually a Sunday, there is a two-hour rehearsal at which the ensemble prepares the nuances of style and blend. After the rehearsal, there is a break for vesting, rest, water and socializing. The Evensong service follows at 5:00 p.m.

Part of the design of this project is that those singers whose schedule will allow them to participate in only one or two of the services planned, may do so without the stress of a long term commitment. It is our expectation that singers will be very committed to those services at which they agree to perform. It is our desire that those who perform will enjoy the process and return often.

To participate in this group, you may call Elizabeth Lenti at 704-749-6147 to set up and audition. This is not a competitive process but simply a time to get to know you. To create a good ensemble, we will need to understand your skills and interests. Primary vocal considerations will be accuracy of pitch, unaffected tone, dynamic control and knowledge of the elements of diction.