July 14, 2016

Dear St. Peter’s Family,

You may recall the September 18, 2015 letter from our 2016 Annual Fund Chairman Mike Wilson and the Rector, The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher. It announced a goal of $950,000 in pledges in order to fully support the worship, outreach, programs, staff, administration, and facilities of the parish for 2016. Now, I write with an update on our finances at mid-year.

We are blessed that many have continually offered and some have increased financial support of our ministries. We appreciate your love and care of St. Peter’s. At the same time, we have found ourselves “running in place” financially for the last three years, as we have lost revenue from the parking garage, non-member weddings, and parish house tenants (La-Tea-Da’s Catering and the Diocese’s Charlotte regional office have moved). It has been good to have more control over our space for ministry purposes, and your support has allowed us to overcome this revenue change.

For 2016, your Vestry approved a balanced budget for salaries, programs, utility payments, buildings and grounds maintenance, and general operations, to live more fully into our vision and vibrant ministry in Center City Charlotte. Through June, the parish is operating successfully within that budget through oversight from the Finance Committee, Vestry, and Rector.

While our original pledge goal was $950,000, we actually received $836,512, hence we had to make a number of adjustments to arrive at a balanced budget for the year. In particular, we were unable to give a cost of living allowance to the clergy and staff, unable to hire an Administrative Assistant to the Clergy, and had to reduce our outreach budget. Actually, several program areas did not receive the budget they desired for 2016. The Vestry and I appreciate that the clergy and staff have remained committed to their work despite the pledges shortfall.

With that in mind, we still look forward to more pledges in 2016 and already are planning for 2017 as a time when we can achieve important things that could not be supported at the start of 2016. In the meantime, I want to assure parishioners that we are being good stewards of your financial gifts and are living within our means. We have no debts, a strong clergy team, and a vibrant parish. I am very optimistic about the years ahead and am sure that St. Peter’s will continue to be a great beacon of hope in Center City Charlotte.

David C. Lavoie, Treasurer

Email: lavoiedc@bellsouth.net
Phone: 704-341-0240