Why am I unable to sign up for an account?


  • You are using email address not on file with the church, so it can’t find and verify you.
  • You may have set up an account previously and forgotten. It won’t let you make 2 accounts.
  • Family members sharing the same email must share the same password.
  • User name IS NOT the same as email. If it is your first time logging in, you will not yet have a user name.

Still having trouble? Email Parish Administrator Leigh Dixon.

What if I lose my password or user name?

Go back to the login page here and click “forgot password or user name” and follow the directions. An email reminder will be sent to you. Remember to check your spam folder.

Can I reset my password?

Yes. Go to the “My Personal Preferences” page within Christ Church Community and select “Change My Password.” Your new password will take effect immediately.

Is my contact information freely available on the Internet?

No, your information is available only to other Christ Church members who have logged in.

Won’t this open me up to spam?

No. Since your data is only available to Christ Church members, spammers will not be able to access your information

What information can other church members see about me?

By default, church members can see only your name, your home address and phone, and your email address. They can also see your picture by searching a church directory.

What if I don’t want to participate in the Holy Faces Directory?

You may opt out of the Holy Faces Directory by logging on to the system and then choosing “Home | My Account” from the menu. Then click the “Personal Preferences” tab and clear the checkboxes beside the information you prefer not be displayed. Click “Save” to confirm your choices.

How do I update my information?

Please review the information about your household and verify that it’s correct. Report any errors to Parish Administrator Leigh Dixon (ldixon@st-peters.org, 704-749-6142). Soon you will be able to update your information online.

Do I have to use the Holy Faces Directory?

You don’t have to, but we encourage all parishioners to use this program. It is for the whole church and is the main channel for church-wide communication, even if when the parish offices are closed.

Log on to the secure parish directory by clicking the “Holy Faces” button to the right.