Give to the Vision 2016: Generous Abundance

Financial Facts from 2015 about Life at St. Peter’s

Pledge amounts ranged from $1 to $21,000 with an average pledge of $3,000. If every person or household, that can, pledged at least $3,500, we would be well on our way to financial freedom. The 10% tithe* is the goal set forth by the Clergy, Vestry, Finance Committee, and Stewardship Team for each individual and household of St. Peter’s Church. Imagine what we could do….

Funding of worship, outreach, programs, staff, administration, and facilities at St. Peter’s costs:

  • $88,000 per month
  • $20,000 per week
  • $8,500 for Sundays

Organizational management and “healthy church” firms reports that for every 100 households, there should be one (1) full-time priest. St. Peter’s Church is comprised of 450+ households and staffed by two (2) full-time priests (Rector, Associate Rector) who are supported by two (2) Assisting Priests who offer their services on a helpful though minimal basis for a small stipend.

In order to have an adequate budget for 2016 to operate our parish church and its ministries at a high-functioning level, a minimum of $950,000 in pledges is needed by Sunday, November 1.

2015 Pledging Information

as of 9/15/15
Total Households Invited to Pledge450
Total Pledges Received270
Total Pledge Amount$826,000
Average amount per pledge$3,059

Pledge Amount History

by year

10% Tithe = Goal for Each Individual or Household

Every Amount is a Gift to God’s Church

Pledge amount to Gross Income by Percentage
Gross Income2%3%4%5%6%7%8%9%10%