Financial Facts from 2016 about Life at St. Peter’s. In 2016, annual pledge amounts ranged from $10 to $35,000. The median 2016 annual pledge from a majority of individuals and households was $2,895. In 2017, if a majority of individuals and households pledge at least $3,500 per year, sufficient funding would be available for the parish leadership to fully fund the dedicated worship, outreach, year-round programs and events, staff, clergy, administration, and facilities and building maintenance of St. Peter’s Church.

A 10% tithe* is the 2017 pledge goal for supporters of life at St. Peter’s. Imagine what we could do…

A generous increase in pledges would ensure our ability to fund certain expenses, such as the 11.1% of parish operating budget annual pledge to the diocese (100,000/year); the 9% mandatory health insurance increase for clergy and staff; HVAC maintenance for the Church and Parish House; administrative support for clergy; the wide-ranging ministries within and beyond our doors; allowances for staff and clergy cost-of-living adjustment increases (which did not occur in 2016); the restoration of at least $10,000 to the parish operating budget for outreach and social justice ministries; and a dedicated communications staff person to more ably meet the diverse internal and external needs associate with our community and parish growth.

In order to have an adequate budget for 2017 to operate parish life and ministries at a high-functioning level, a minimum of $975,000 in pledges is needed. If you have questions about parish financials, contact Parish Administrator, Leigh Dixon (704-749-6142).

2016 Pledging Information as of 10/13/16

Total Households Invited to Pledge450
Total Pledges Received295
Total Pledge Amount$847,952
Average Amount per Pledge$2,895
Last Year’s (2016) Budget Request$950,000
2016 Shortfall in Pledges Received$102,048

Pledge Amount History 2012 – 2016


Pledge Amounts Based on Yearly Income

*10% Tithe = Goal for each individual or household
Gross Income3%5%7%10%

Every pledge is a gift to God’s church. All individuals and households are asked to support Life at St. Peter’s through the ministry of giving and to prayerfully consider the impact of their 2017 Pledge.