In 1955 some farsighted Parishioners established The St. Peters Episcopal Church Endowment Fund, Inc. to provide a way for people to leave a legacy to our Church through planned gifts during and after their lifetime.  The mission is to support St. Peters Church by increasing the Endowment through Planned Gifts and appreciation of the investments. Over the last 58 years the Endowment has been critical to enhancing the work of the Parish both in outreach and in Capital Campaigns, making possible some improvements that benefit us all, including improvements to basement and third floor space, renovation of the Sacristy and the Community Room.

Endowment Fund Report: Year ending 12/31/14 from Chairman, Bill Williamson: This year (2014) has been another good period for our Endowments. As of October 22, 2014, the Endowment was valued at $2,596,764, a return of 5.24% net of fees and has distributed $100,000 in support of various church projects including $50,000 for outreach. The Shannonhouse Student Fund was valued at $283,568, an increase of 4.26%. It has made two scholarship grants in 2014. The Estate of Sandy McPeek, a member of the 1834 Legacy Society, left a gift of $250,000 to the Endowment.


Planned Giving Committee Report from Maria Long, Chairman

The Planned Giving Committee was established in 2002 to increase significantly the principal of the St. Peter’s Endowment by working intentionally to increase the number of planned gifts to the Endowment. The Endowment provides resources to St. Peter’s by funding outreach grants from endowment income and by helping the church meet extraordinary parish needs.

Since December 2013, the Committee has secured two new gifts, bringing the total value of pledged gifts to nearly $9 million. Since the Committee was formed in 2002, 91 members have joined the 1834 Legacy Society, named for the year Episcopalians first organized for worship in Charlotte.

Committee members are Maria Long, Chairman; John Arrowood; William Bellamy; Kristin Bradberry; Ellison Clary; David Lavoie; Dan Raiford; Jim Shannonhouse; Bill Williamson; Dan Woodall; Mark Boyd, Senior Warden, ex officio; and Ollie Rencher, rector, ex officio. Andy Nicholson and Julie Clarkson retired from the committee this year, and the committee would like to thank them for their faithful service.

Donations may be made online in memory of or in honor of someone.