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Monday, September 18, 2017

Gratitude practice is beneficial for every spiritual personality. One moment of gratitude leads to another, and in the end, we have hearts filled with joy.

             -The Reverend Renée Miller, Episcopal priest, writer, and poet

Dear Members, Newcomers, and Friends of St. Peter’s Parish Church:

We pray that you will join us in ministry by participating in our 2018 annual fund-raising campaign, Giving with Gratitude: Support Life at St. Peter’s. We are grateful that the number of members, newcomers, and friends who have pledged in the past year has increased. Now, we invite you to partner with us by pledging financial support of parish worship, in-reach and outreach initiatives, formation programs for all ages, music, staff and clergy, operations and administration, and the care of our sacred facilities in Center City Charlotte.

St. Peter’s responds to the mission of the Church through several weekly worship offerings, formation offerings, pastoral care to the sick and suffering, and numerous outreach and social justice initiatives. Fellowship events draw the parish community together, connecting one another and increasing community as part of our covenant with God. Exceptional music for worship feeds souls on many occasions and is possible in part through the significant commitments made by the volunteers in the St. Peter’s Choir and others. The Life at St. Peter’s Fall 2017 magazine also reflects on our common life. Our parish vision is to become a community of bold followers of Jesus, a crowd that effects good change for the world, a place known for radical love and welcome, and a beacon of hope in Center City Charlotte. Indeed, we are blessed beyond measure by who we are and what we offer. Now, we are asked to give with even more gratitude.

In order for the Vestry and Treasurer to create an essential budget necessary to fund major 2018 fixed costs, including our diocesan assessment of $119,735, a minimum of $1,000,000 in pledges will be needed by Commitment Sunday, November 5. This year, we ask everyone to consider the 10% tithe as a pledge goal or to make an incremental increase from their 2017 pledge. Each pledge is an outward expression of gratitude for the blessings we receive from God and will be a meaningful component of the three-fold ministry of giving of time, talents, and treasure. Your response to God’s love and abundance in the form of a financial commitment to St. Peter’s will help to ensure our ability to continue to thrive at even higher levels. If you would like to learn about the impact that giving by our parish community has, please review this snapshot of “Financial Facts from 2017,” which includes dreams for 2018.

You can pledge online or use the 2018 Pledge Form mailed to your home. On November 5, Commitment Sunday, which is also All Saints’ Sunday, your pledge will be consecrated at the Holy Eucharist.

In faith and with gratitude for life at St. Peter’s,

Jay Norton
Annual Fund Chairman
Candace Armstrong
Vestry Coordinator, Stewardship
The Rev. Ollie V. Rencher