“Ministry Minute” offered by Lyn Holt
Director of Youth Formation & Member of the Parish

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Good morning. My name is Lyn Holt. I am Director of Youth Formation, and, along with my husband, Harris and our 2 daughters, I have been a member of St. Peter’s since 2002. Our daughters were confirmed here, just as our 14 juniors and seniors were confirmed last Sunday, and St. Peter’s is literally and truly our family’s spiritual home. I cannot overstate how important this parish is and has been to each member of our family.

As youth director, along with many wonderful volunteer adult youth leaders, I get to serve the middle and high school youth of the parish. Many of you know that the curriculum we use is called Journey to Adulthood. The journey through those difficult adolescent years that our teens must navigate, is guided by this comprehensive formation program, giving them tools to create adult lives that are stable and sustainable, and provides them, along with our beautiful worship, and our many parish activities, with the spiritual tools to lead productive, joy-filled, God-centered lives.

This journey also takes our youth on mission trips to hurricane-ravaged areas where they work side by side with families rebuilding their lives and their homes, and to opportunities like HUGS Camp, where they happily assist young people with differing physical and mental abilities, to have a summer camp experience and in the process, learn valuable life lessons about themselves, teaching them to live out the lessons that they learn in their Rite 13, J2A and YAC Classes.

This journey has also taken our youth to places like Ferguson, Missouri, where they learned profound lessons in racial reconciliation, something that is important to this city, this state and the world in these tenuous times.  This journey to adulthood also takes them on a spiritual, spirit-filled holy pilgrimage, to places where Christian saints and martyrs have lived, to learn important lessons that connect them with their spiritual forebears and fans the flame of the light of God within each of the them.

Your pledge is vital in helping St. Peter’s to continue to support our current and future youth, the children now in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, so that they will learn to do the work of God to make the world a better place. Harris and I have made our pledge to help St. Peter’s continue to provide all that it does to our youth, our children and fellow parishioners. I hope you will join us in providing the stewardship to keep St. Peter’s strong and able to do all that it does. Thank you!

“Ministry Minute” offered by Cooper Morrison (10:45 a.m. liturgy)
Sunday, November 6, 2016 – All Saints’ and Commitment Sunday

Now, more the ever, we are being called to live into the vision of St. Peter’s: to become “Bold followers of Jesus.” I am reminded of this vision on this Commitment Sunday as we collectively offer our pledges to St. Peters for 2017.

We know the world is broken, this city is broken, and we are broken. Between the politics, the fear, the hatred, our own self-centeredness and distractions, our world is in deep need of our Christian voice. We are being called to be a beacon of hope in center city Charlotte.

St. Peter’s is in the midst of claiming its voice in the city because of who we are. Our church is the most diverse church of which I have ever been a member. I have been transformed through the relationships I have formed here, most particularly in my understanding of the injustice in the world that happens every day to my friends and neighbors and from which my own privilege shields me.

I feel pride seeing parishioners out in the community building relationships, loving our neighbors, and standing for justice in T-shirts that proclaim our radical love and welcome saying: “We are one body because we share one bread, one cup.”

So I ask all of you now to consider a pledge to St. Peter’s. I have faith your presence here gives you proof enough of the enormous blessing God provides – know that is enough for us all to live. Take a risk in your giving, if that means making your first pledge or increasing your pledge to return equally the blessings God has provided.

Be Bold: Join this crowd to affect good change in the world. Support St. Peter’s by offering your pledge for 2017.

Why I give…

I pledge to the annual fund, with a 10% tithe as my goal, because of an abiding love for the beautiful body of Christ at St. Peter’s, and the life-changing parish vision that connects us one to another. All that we are and offer are rooted in a certain holy hope that lives within each of us to impact the world for good through the Episcopal tradition.

The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher, Rector

“St. Peter’s has a bold vision with several compelling reasons to give from abundance.  Looking back, my parents had good, secure jobs and made certain I got a good education. I didn’t earn any of that – they are all blessings, gifts – gifts from God. I have lived a life of abundance, by any measure, and my abundance is actually God’s abundance. So when I give to St Peter’s, all I’m doing is giving a bit back to God’s church.  In the end, everything we have is a gift from God.”

Josephine Hicks

“I give to St. Peter’s because where else could I get more “bang for my bucks” than what this parish offers in the way of beautiful liturgy, inspiring music, stimulating educational opportunities, a diverse congregation, and meaningful outreach – all four which nourish my soul.”

Sue Coonen

“My family pledges to ensure that St Peter’s continues to provide the services, spiritual education, and fellowship that compelled us to become members in the first place. Our modest commitment, when aggregated with others, helps create a financial stability that allows our clergy and fellow members to focus on the congregation and our surrounding community.”

Zack Luszcz

The faces and energy of our children and youth and the stellar programs offered to form them and their parents are priceless.  I hope parents also are giving whatever amount they can to support our vision.

For our children

We have a vision that is amazing and exciting. We are inviting all people to invest themselves through the resources that God has given us — our energy, our prayers, and our money—in this work to which God has called us.

Our vision

I give so that St. Peter’s might give increasingly more to outreach and social justice matters – to the needs of God’s people beyond our doors.

Outreach and Social Justice

Pledging proclaims what we believe in such a way that we offer other people an opportunity to participate with us in our vision and mission.

What we believe

The future and vision for St. Peter’s is in the hands of all who make this thriving place their spiritual home. Because I enjoy so many privileges that money affords me, I spiritually am obligated to share it – maybe even more than I have in the past – to benefit my church.

For our future

Every pledge amount matters greatly because it is more blessed to give than to receive.  This time, I increased my pledge, not by much, but I believe in our vision and want to do my fair share.

Our vision is in important

Pledging is the least I can do for the countless blessing that I have and continue to receive from God.  Money matters, especially for churches to succeed and not worry about how to do what they are supposed to do out of love for God.

I am blessed