The 1834 Legacy Society recognizes parishioners who make St. Peter’s a beneficiary of their will. The Society is named for the year Episcopalians first organized for worship in Charlotte, and honors the many generations whose commitment has sustained our legacy of giving.

  • Dr. Monique Abner*
    Frances Alexander*
    Florence Holmes Anders*
    Charles and Laura Andrews
    Candace Armstrong*
    John S. Arrowood*
    C.R. (Bobby) and Judy Beaird*
    Joanne and William Bellamy*
    Steve Bentley and David Deal*
    Margaret F. Van Sciver Bolen*
    Fred and Rita Bonitz
    Martha Thomas Bowles
    Mark Boyd and Andre Fleuriel*
    Kristin and John Bradberry*
    David M. Brown*
    Dan and Patty Busch*
    Charlie and Merrily Caldwell*
    Clifford K. and Althea Callaway*
    Robert Carpenter*
    Dumont Clarke and Shirley Linn*
    Francis O. Clarkson
    Julie Clarkson*
    Ellison Clary and Linda Gallehugh*
    Suzanne B. Coonen*
    Hannah and Jim Craighill*
    Royden B. Denny
    John E, Denti*
    Howard C. Dwelle
    Dr. John R. Dunn*
    Catherine Boardman Fleming*
    William L. Fowler
    Sam Gardner & JJ DiMartino*
    Pendley C. Garrett
    Zannah Goodrich
    Ann S. and John S. Glover*
    Patricia Payne Green*
    Steve and Libba Griffith*
    Adele Hagood*
  • W. Randall Haith*
    Grace Van Ness Hamrick*
    Noel P. Hart
    Josephine H. Hicks*
    Carole A. Hoefener
    Robert Moore Holthouser*
    Mamie Miller Hoover
    Lyn and Harris Holt*
    Susan Irene Hunt*
    James Boyce Hunter, Jr.*
    Marie Cook Irving*
    Ethel Mae James
    Nancy C. Jewell*
    Jim and Edith Johnson*
    Mary Evelyn Johnston
    Hamilton C. Jones
    John Elliott Joslin*
    Walter Kearns*
    Jan Keny and Wesley Sturgis*
    Carl and Amy Dillon King*
    Gerard Watts King*
    Marion King
    Sadie B. King
    Genevieve C. Kissack*
    Elizabeth (Beth) Laramie*
    David and Julie Lavoie*
    Nelda Christine Leon*
    Anne-Tristram (Trissy) Lomax*
    Henry A. London
    The London Family
    Maria G. B. Long and Robert M. Smith, III*
    Mrs. E.C. Marshall
    Susanne W. Martin*
    Richard and Martha Mayberry*
    J.A. Mayo
    Judy McLeod*
    The Reverend Scot McComas*
    Fred A. McNeer, Jr.*
    Azula Miller
    Sandra K. McPeek*
    Cathy M. Morelli*
    Kathleen and George Mundle*
  • Todd Murphy*
    Andrew and Karen Nicholson*
    Horace Nims
    Mark Owen*
    J. Grove Pardee
    Leland M. Park*
    John R. Parker
    Michael Pawlyk and Elizabeth Richardson*
    Catherine Venable Pearson*
    Edith Venable Pearson*
    William Pfischner, MD*
    David and Alene Pittman*
    The Rev. Dr. Sarah M. Rieth*
    Greg C. Robbins*
    Julia Robertson
    Janet Robinson*
    Sarah Robinson*
    Linda Sarazen and Patrick Hickert*
    Nancy H. Sarazen*
    Esther Shannonhouse
    Hazel Shannonhouse
    James M. Shannonhouse*
    Robert J. Steppe*
    William K. Stuart
    Edgar A. and Jane Johnson Terrell
    Charles L.C. Thomas
    John Thompson*
    Wesley Thompson*
    James Annerton Turner
    Mary Anna Turner*
    L.G. (Sandy) Welton*
    Cindy White*
    Family of the Rt. Rev. Huntington Williams, Jr.*
    Tom and Laura Williams*
    Bill and Pat Williamson*
    Ellen Reine Wilson*
    Dan and Mary Virginia Woodall*
    Ruth B. Woodend*
    Bill and Claire Wygand*
    Paul Christopher Wylie

as of August 12, 2015

* Denotes those who have pledged a planned gift since 2002. 88 individuals and families have designated a gift since 2002. The approximate value of these planned gifts is approaching $8 million